Wedding dress shopping tips

Wedding dress shopping tips

You’ve just been proposed, now it’s time to find the dress! Wedding dress shopping can be very exciting, and is no doubt a moment that you will want to enjoy and make the most of. This is the event of your lifetime, so it’s never too early to shop for a wedding dress.

If you are excited, nervous and not sure where to start, here are some tips to help you when shopping for your wedding dress.

Know your body shape


Knowing your body shape will help you to choose the best dress style. Which dress style are you going for, Mermaid, A-line or Ballgown? Each style will enhance your figure best? And which These are things to consider when you begin shopping for your wedding dress. 


Do it early

Start looking for your wedding dress at least six months before your wedding day, this allows time for finding the gown and then any alterations or changes you may want to make.

Set a budget

Setting a budget helps you have a plan in place, and will help give the boutique assistants an idea of what gowns to suggest. You don’t want to try on a dress you fall in love with but is way over your budget.

Book your appointment on a weekdays

Majority of people go shopping on the weekends. Weekdays make great appointments and mean you can avoid the crowds.

Ask for opinions…but not too many

Ask the opinions of those closest to you. However, sometimes  too many opinions can become quite overwhelming so limit your shopping party to as small a number as possible.

Personality is pretty

Choosing a wedding dress is a very individual experience and is an opportunity for brides to express their fashion personality,  Choose a gown that reflects your style and taste rather than choosing something you or someone else thinks you should wear.

Take your wedding location into consideration

Consider styles that will fit the atmosphere; either a beach wedding or a park wedding.

Take photos

Little Paris Couture allows you to take photos when you trying on dresses. This way you can see how a dress photographs and see how it fits your figure from all angles. The best part about taking a photo is that it helps you to compare different gowns and allows you the luxury of giving yourself time to decide if you really love it or not!

Do research before shopping.

If you have time, doing some searching for wedding dress before shopping will give you better ideas of what you want.

Try everything

Try on as many dresses as you have time for. While some may say this can be overwhelming, the bottom line is that you won’t know if you like something until you try it on. However, try to only try on gowns that are within your budget to avoid disappointment.


Go with your feelings

Choose the dress that you are 100 percent happy and comfortable in it. Listen to your heart and choose the dress that give you butterflies (or makes your mum cry!).

Buy a dress that fits

Buy a size that fits your present figure. If you concern that you might put on or loose weight, Little Paris Couture offers make-to-measurements and alterations are included in the price.

Consider your accessories

Don’t forget to try on a Tiara, a headpiece or earings with your dress as well. They will make a huge different with your entire look.

Enjoy the moment!

A happy bride is a beautiful bride. Enjoy the experience of trying on every dress!

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